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Best Websites to Download Free Icons for Commercial Use

An icon is an essential part of visual design. An app developer will also need it because it is required for the program they are developing. However, not all designers and app developers are able to develop icons or hire someone to do so, thank goodness for the internet. We’re in the age of digital advancement, where everything can be obtained online. If you need some free icons for your commercial projects, I have assembled some websites you can visit.

Some sites offer icons that you already have access to free of charge, but others direct you to download the icons individually. Be sure to read the permissions within the icon package first before you begin to use it. Depending on the site, you might need to be attentive and paymarketadditionally give thanks to the creator.

Download and install these icons whenever you need them, for whatever purpose you have.

1. Icons8

Icons 8 is also a great place to find free icons that you may use for commercial use. Icons8’s business model is similar to Flaticon’s. You are allowed to download people free of charge, but it’s illegal to use the icons that you own for commercial purposes without providing credit to the website that uploaded them. Alternately, you can upgrade your free account to premium if you want. What makes Icons8 different from Flaticon is that the free version of Icons8 only allows you to download the image in PNG format, which comes with limitations, while the free version of Icons8 lets you download the image in ESP and SVG formats, in addition to PNG.  The icons provided by Icons8 break down into separate icons as opposed to organizing the way that icons tend to be organized.

Icons8 Improved Collections for Convenient Personal Icon Sets

2. Flaticon

Flaticon is one of the top spots to download free icons for commercial use. As of writing, this site provides more than 860,500 icons, which are organized into roughly 16,000 packs. The icon packs that can be accessed on Flaticon are available in multiple codecs from PNG, PSD, SVG, and EPS. Before you can download its icon pack, you must first create an account with Flaticon.  Afterward, you will be able to download as many icon packs as you like. Flaticon will allow you to use an icon pack you downloaded for commercial use if you give attribution for it. Flaticon also offers a premium version. The premium version allows you to use an icon pack you downloaded for commercial use without having to give credit back to Flaticon. To download additional premium icon collections, you can download.

Vector Icons and Stickers - PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and CSS

3. iconmonstr

iconmonsrt is known as a great destination for free icon downloads. You can use the icons you have downloaded from it for any purpose, including commercial, without having to attribute the originator. As of this writing, the website boasts over 4,237 free icons. The icons are organized in 296 combinations. Similar to Icons8, iconmonstr also provides icon individually rather than in packages. You can download the icons in many different formats such as PNG, PSD, SVG, and ESP. No registration is required to download icons from this website.

20-Iconmonstr - Web3Canvas

4. The Noun Project

The Noun Project has more than a million icons, many of which have been shared by a dedicated community. So, the Noun Project is a great place to turn to if you want to download high-quality icons free of charge. Noun Project icons are offered individually in two formats, PNG and SVG. Be sure to read the license of every icon that you want to obtain from The Noun Project. Several of the icons have a name that entails the credit you give to the proprietor if you want to use the icon for commercial use. In order to ensure that you do not get stuck, the web site requires you to create an account before you’re able to download any icon. Click on the free account link, and you will only be able to download the icon in black and white. The SVG version is available through this link, so you can change the icon color to your liking.

The Noun Project: Over a Million Downloadable Icons for Your Architectural  Diagrams | ArchDaily

5. Freebiesbug

You do not get free icons specifically as a freebie from Freebiesbug. Instead, it is a website that provides Ninoabandon, Millennia, mockups, UI kits, and a number of other items to designers. Currenty, there are about 306 icons that are available free of charge on this website. Several formats exist for the icons. Freebiesbug offers these icons in packs instead of separately. The specifics of how you can use them for commercial purposes are not reported, but if you want to use them for commercial purposes, you have to give credit to Freebiesbug.

Free Resources for Designers and Developers - Freebiesbug

6. Vecteezy

Vecteezy does not offer its own icons, but you can download and use illustrations, as well as clip arts. There are nearly 1,500 free icons on Vecteezy, and you can download and use them without paying a fee, but you will need to give Vecteezy credit if you use a free account on the website.  Vecteezy offers custom-made bundles for the numerous icons which have available for the representatives. Numerous of the icons themselves can be found as Vector SVG formats or AI files. Vecteezy has an editor that enables you to adjust the vectors ahead of downloading them.

35 Free Vector Image sites you'll want to bookmark - Justinmind

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