Frequently asked questions


How often do you release new icons?

We’re committed to release at least 50 icons every month so if you subscribe for a yearly plan, you will get at least 600 additional icons in a year. Our goal is creating the smartest and biggest smart icon system so you’re in good company.

You can always check our roadmap for our plan and releases.

Why SVG? How about PNG fallback?

SVG is the future of the web, it’s now the best graphic format for web and screen. SVG is scalable, sharp, systematic, beautiful and semantic .What is not to love? As IE8 is fading away, we cannot find a reason to support PNG fallback.

Will you release icon fonts?

We don’t have any plan to add icon font. We’ve tried icon font and it’s hacky and not stable. There’re ten other reasons to choose SVG icon system over icon font. SVG icon system FTW!

Can I get rid of the polyfill.js?

The purpose of the polyfill is to tame the awkward Chrome’s behavior when using xlink to embed external resource. The polyfill only runs on Chrome. We will drop it when Chrome fixes the issues in the future.

How to make my icons compatible with SmartIcons?

SmartIcons require custom naming system and we cannot do it automatically. We’re working on SmartIcons for brands, which bringing SmartIcons’ technology to your icon design. Please keep in touch for update.

License and Payment

Why it’s so expensive?

We’re not just designing icons, we build a complete icon platform. Every single design element requires custom naming and it takes a lot of work. As we are a highly commitment team and we need to charge enough to build a sustainable business.

Can I use the icons for themes and free software?

Yes you can. As long as you keep the number below 50 icons per theme or software, we’re cool.

Do you offer refund?

Since we’re selling digital product, all the purchases are not refundable. We offer top class free plan so you can try it as long as you want.

What happens when I reach one year subscription period?

We will send you a notification email one month before your expiration. If you choose not to renew the plan, your account will be downgraded to free plan. However, you will till be able to use the downloaded icons for your work whenever you want.

Can I upgrade from yearly to lifetime account?

Absolutely! Just go to your account and hit “Upgrade”