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30 Best Websites for free icons 

Imagination has no limits, whatever the possibilities are that we satisfy. Before you start to download icons, are you in need of websites that can help you? Regardless of what type of icons you’re downloading for personal or business reasons, we have got you completely covered!

Designers being inspired to incorporate various icons to embellish their page layout, interface design, and more will find this stylesheet helpful. Thirty different websites offering free downloads and usage instructions for icons are provided.

You can choose one of the integral elements of the App interface for Android or iOS on this page. Find icons representing distinct subject matters, such as sports, business, or office. Discover frequently encountered communities and function buttons. guarantee that before proceeding with the desired design icon, you to double-check its terms and conditions.

The Best Websites list outlines the top free image resources available on the internet.


The site was initially a website that worked to provide completely free icons. Currently, on the website Icons8 not only get free icons, free high-definition photos, free of charge vectors, and free music usage; it also provides all this.

The new Net Panel also allows you to modify the text color, font, and icon color of the element right on the browser. You can also resize, move, or invert the position of the element on the browser.

Should you wish to embed icons in tweets, websites, and apps, just select the Embed HTML button, and you’ll get various options for doing so!

Eagle App 

Before searching for further icon, check out Eagle App! Eagle App is an App for designers that works with any kind of digital media, letting you batch upload your icons and images on-line with a single click, then organize and browse them easily using attributes, groups, and also with color!

Eagle provides support for more than 81 formats, including icons, rectangular images, 3D models, video clips, font files, and RAW files. Eagle has an intuitive interface, making it an excellent tool for anyone interested in collecting and editing assets.


ICONFINDER is an icon search engine brand that is well-known among developers. Various high-quality icon materials are available with oversaturation when you conduct a search!


Original ICONDEL in ICONFINDER and is free for personal use and commercial use. To search for an ICON that you can use in contexts for which there’s no charge, look through “Free” on the right side of the search results.


Flaticon is an affiliated site of FreePik. The biggest feature of this search engine is that it will only find “free and commercially available” icons. How awesome is that! Moreover, the ICON icons found include vector graphics files and graphic files, which designers can use in their design work once they are downloaded.


The attribution must be included in the product free of charge, even when this is for personal use. For commercial use, you’ll need to purchase the license.


Browse Icon Search to explore icons. You can search for icons by color, style, resolution, and compatible programs. It is said they have the biggest online database for free icons, built with a filter function and result matching system to make the search process faster and more convenient for you. The website’s design looks antiquated, but I think it is a design style that many artists benefit from.


IconArchive is also a search engine for a variety of materials, and in addition to search engine features, it contains step-by-step button texture in addition to a large number of comic icons and contours. What’s special about IconArchive is that it offers pages of Preferences as well as user scoring to assist you to filter and rank results.


IconArchive is also a special search engine for various materials, not only does it contain interface buttons, but also a number of different texture style icons, as well as comic patterns with many different themes. What makes it a unique alternative compared to search engines is the inclusion of Up and Downvote in their search algorithm, which can help you sort your results by their color.


GraphicBurger gives you access to resources that may be downloaded on-site, such as Logo MockUps, Product MockUps, Text Effects, Icons, User Interfaces, Illustrations, and Background Images. You are free to use them in whatever project you want, with no attribution or link to GraphicBurger required.

Premium Pixel

Bitmaps are free selections selected by experts at which you can look for high-quality (irrespective of cost) free materials. Furthermore, it has a large number of interface icon packages for those who are just a bit clueless about how to choose, isn’t that thoughtful!


A portfolio of free PSD design templates are compiled by popular style designers. The website name is a synonym of “download Photoshop source files.” It boasts a large collection of totally free PSD source pictures.

IcoMoon app

IcoMoon is creating total control over all icon creation, “perfectionists” and everything they do can benefit from it. All the creations are made based on a pixel grid that logically divides images into tiny squares. The IcoMoon app allows you to build and use your own icon packs in diverse formats such as SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, CSH, icon font with ligatures, or GIF/PNG sprites.


Each of the icons has a link that you can enter to examine a license. In addition to these icon packs that can be downloaded from at no charge, IcoMoon also provides premium packs, in addition to the three free icon bundles. This icon library contains more than 800 images free of charge. You can download the images, edit them, import your own icons into image files, make your own icon fonts (a font with images as its glyphs), or generate icons in SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, PNG, and CSS sprites.

Squid Ink

Looking for an adorable icon place to get your valuable downloadable icons? Squid Ink offers 5 unique pixel alternatives for 2,000 icons in 17 categories where you may easily change the color or layer style, move and re-size every icon and layer, by making use of its unique options.


I don’t think I need to describe FreePik to readers who have not heard of it. This website is the go-to tool for many template enthusiasts because you can quickly find and download a vast selection of clip art and icons, including vector files that can be readily edited with image editing programs.


The Icon Store is a library that contains free vector (SVG) icons created by talented designers to download for commercial use.


Icons may be used in both personal and work-related projects; attribution is not required, but it would be appreciated.



Oxygenna is a design and programming company with a lower line that specializes in interactive media and mobile/tablet applications. They offer starting points you won’t find elsewhere, including photographs, illustrations, and templates. Their resources are available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and PNG formats.


At 1001FreeDownloads, they help you search both on the web and offline for graphics and vectors in a manner that is both quick and convenient, and continually expands its content. It currently features more than thousands of premium rasters, vectors, brushes, gradients, PS Files, and fonts. It also offers its own unique graphics and keeps them exclusively at 1001FreeDownloads.


Here you will discover a vast array of icons in different style, size, format, and theme. From iOS Lines icon set to Food-Themed icons motif, there’s a little bit of every thing included in this gallery. All of these icon sets are free of cost to use under Iconshock license.

What appeals to me about IconShock is the use of 3D icons. They offer an extensive collection of icons with a nice 3D design style and delivered at 4k resolution with dimensions of 4000x4000px, in front and back views, and 5 different color palettes.


The company Pngtree has millions of high-quality images, vectors, templates, and illustrations available for commercial use. For over three decades, Pngtree has been providing content for its 30 million users and designers.

Google fonts

Google provides free icons as part of its design tools for Android. If you are starting a new interface or developing an Android App, then a resource that uses these icons can be displayed.

A set of five icon types has been developed based on Material Design principles, and its dimensions can be downloaded in any number of different sizes.


With 12 different flavors and an extensive variety of topics, you’ll always find the perfect icon for your next project here in Streamline. We offer more than 100,000 images, symbols, and emojis, all of which are exclusive to Streamline. On top of that, the creators are built from the ground up by the team on Steam Line, with files being searchable through their app or plugin for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.


You can insert Font Awesome icons anywhere on a website by inserting a style prefix along with the icon s unique name in order to designate a suitable custom appearance for icons. Font Awesome’s recommended usage will make you feel as if you have inside inline elements, wherein you could identify a custom HTML element for them and reference it consistently with your project.


Dribbble is one of the premier platforms in the world for sharing the work of graphic designers. It’s like the Facebook of the landscape of web design. Designers from all over the world will publish work on Dribbble, including illustrations, graphic, animation, UI, and Web. This now allows you to find five thousand free icons on Dribbble and connect with creators around the world.


icon design expert is perhaps a team of highly skilled icons designers who are capable of doing handcrafted vector icon drawing. These experts can assist developers and designers in creating appealing designs for applications, websites, web-based platforms, etc. to make visually clear screens, phones, tablets, computers. All scalable Vector SVG, transparent background PNG, and web font icon format are available for icons. You can see icons and benefit from their compression, which speeds up the deployment of images. UXwing provides 3 standard categories (solid, line, and color) and 150 subcategories which enable you to locate quick icons.


Iconfactory first began as a group of developers specializing in freeware icons and software over twenty years ago.


Thenounproj is a community of international designers, who made evoking icons, among the most widespread simple communication products, crossing language boundaries. Whether you’re looking for icons for Artificial Intelligence or UI elements or even Beyoncé , they’ve got you covered.


DeviantArt is a vibrant community with a huge selection of free style icons available for license. If you are looking for trending small or large plans, check out DeviantArt. It is sure not to become a bad choice.

You must make sure that your artists are part of the DeviantArt community when you request that they create a video or artwork that features your work.


The iconmonstr provides 4512 free icons in 316 collections, icons are only black and white. They are all designed and created in Fill Bold and Thin. Each icon is available in SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG files. The SVG format also has embedded code. You can change the image online by selecting the PNG format. You can use its basic editing such as size, color, and background color.

Softicon gives users permission to make personal use of icon sets at no cost (at least). The catalog contains 475,655 icons-and-images in 2,849 sets. Since March 19, 2010 when the first icons became available, the catalog has been growing exponentially. Each week, 9 new icon sets are uploaded.


All the icons on the Computers & Internet page can be downloaded for free and without restriction on your computer. Any public use of each icon that is to be taken into consideration for commercial or non-commercial purposes is to be noted by reading the individual license agreement.


Fontello is like our company’s Twitter Bootstrap program, except that images are used instead of text. It automatically creates everything necessary to includes your graphics in web pages. Fontello’s huge collection of open source images includes a great number of designs.

The most admiring feature of fontello’s icon is that it accommodates almost any resolution of display and has no pixelization or blurring on high-resolution screens.

Usage instructions:

The original fonts that make up the license of software are the reason it is composed with Fontello. The license form of the typeface will be predictively revealed to you on the right of the Font name.


The is an icon search engine that provides access to over 20000 high-quality web icons within more than 1000 icon packages. Each Icon has several types of file formats, such as PNG, ICO, and you can explore and download the files free of charge for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.


All the icons can be used unreservedly, but a portion of the authorship will be given to the original author, if you want to use the icons for commercial purposes, you must pay the author’s Independent rights license.


Boxicons is an open source 1,500-piece iconset with vector components developed especially for use in websites. These icons offer simple contemporary designs designed to appeal specifically to web designers and software developers.


Boxicons is an open source project that you can incorporate into other business projects. Additional SVG (.svg) files can be downloaded for direct use. They are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 .


Feather is a free collection of open-source icons that suggests feathery styles. Each icon is designed with a grid scheme on 24 x 24 stripes, reemphasizing simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.


Feather is a repository of SVG files. You can use Feather icons in the same way that you can use SVGs.


More than two billion forums that you can download are available. However, you don’t want to just download any icon you find, but you will have to make sure that the dimensions suit your project as well as your personal preferences as well. Above all, be sure to give the author the attribution he deserves.

If you are wondering where to store your download assets, remember to consider using Eagle. Eagle is a software specifically created for designers that will help organize your digital assets, such that your productivity will improve.

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